Atlas GTX 835 XP

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Atlas GTX 835 XP


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S3 safety boots, XP metal-free penetration protection, Gore-Tex functional lining, 3D cushioning system, waterproof leather, overcap, outdoor sole technology, coarse lug profile, suitable for orthopedic insole provision (DGUV 112-191)


  • waterproof smooth leather

  • 3D cushioning system

  • Gore-Tex functional lining


Upper material: Water-resistant smooth leather
Filling: GORE-TEX lining, waterproof and breathable
Sole: MPU Light sole technology, slip-resistant
Footbed: Anatomically shaped insole


The text provided is a classification for safety footwear according to European standards. It does not require translation into English as it is a standard code recognized in both languages. However, here is an explanation of the code in English:

EN ISO 20345: It is the European standard for safety footwear which specifies basic and additional requirements for safety shoes for general use.

S3: Indicates that the shoe has all the basic features of the S2 level (such as toe protection, waterproof upper material) plus a puncture-resistant sole.

CI: Indicates that the footwear provides insulation against cold.

SRC: Indicates that the sole of the footwear has been tested and has met the slip resistance requirements under both steel and ceramic surfaces with water and cleaning products, respectively.