Be-Powerful Top S3 WR CI SRC

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Be-Powerful Top S3 WR CI SRC


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3D high-tech fabric lining for optimal breathability with permanent antibacterial treatment, prevents the proliferation of bacteria and bad odors. Anatomical, removable, scented Dry'n Air insole. The patented technology ensures air circulation thanks to a system of channels and holes. Result: High breathability, keeping the foot dry. Midsole made of ballistic fabric. AirTech TPU-Skin sole. The true anti-fatigue sole. An exclusive technology patented by Base Protection. It allows for the reduction of the hard and compact outer sole thickness to values never before achieved in the market. Result: More elasticity and cushioning effect. The outer layer of the sole, the outsole, is reduced to 0.2 mm, a more resilient \"skin\" against bending and abrasion. The reduction of the outsole increases the thickness of the Air-Tech, making it softer and more elastic and improving shock absorption and body weight distribution. Water-repellent leather and technical textile with membrane.


  • Antistatic shoes

  • Waterproof zippers against moisture penetration

  • Non-magnetic - nickel and iron-free

  • 200 joule resistant toe cap

  • Puncture-proof sole

  • Shock absorption in the ankle area

  • Waterproof shoe

  • Hydrocarbon resistant

  • Width for men

  • Width for women

  • Custom-made orthopedic footbed according to European standards DGUV 112-191


**Upper material:** Waterproof full-grain leather with H2st0p membrane

**Lining:** Odor-stop Antiodor and Antibacterial

**Midsole:** Fresh'n Flex

**Toe cap:** SlimCap

**Sole:** Antifatigue AirTech and TPU-Skin Life Plus technology


UNI EN ISO 20345:2012 S3 WR CI SRC