This appears to be a product name or model, likely referring to a spec

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This appears to be a product name or model, likely referring to a specific type of safety shoe or boot (the S3 designation often refers to a particular safety standard). The correct translation would be:<br><br>Panther Tropea S3 Brown Low


SKU: 2511636LA


Water-repellent leather. 3D fabric lining that keeps the foot cool and dry as it immediately absorbs sweat and channels it directly to the outside. Breathable, antibacterial, wear and abrasion-resistant. Multi-layered mesh-proof fabric made of latex foam, antistatic, antibacterial, breathable, and absorbent. Slip-resistant on the back. Maximum comfort and shock absorption on any surface. Polyurethane tread with strong grip, resistant to wear, oil, and gasoline. Energy absorption in the heel area.


  • Shock absorption in heels

  • Oil and hydrocarbon resistant sole

  • Toe cap

  • Antistatic shoe

  • Breathable and water-repellent upper material

  • Puncture protection


Upper: water-repellent leather

Lining: Plasmafeel

Toe cap: Power Cap Fiberglass (200J)

Insole: Fusstactic

Midsole: Texon Enigma Zero HT2 Composite

Outsole: two-layer PU/PU


EN ISO 20345:2011